Amalie Stalheim new cellist with Eliasson Artists

- It feels great to start a collaboration with Eliasson Artists, and I look forward to the exciting journey that we will do together, says Amalie Stalheim, who plays on a cello made by Collin-Mezin in 1890.

- What a musician! It doesn't happen often that one gets floored directly, and through a recording is even more unexpected. Amalie Stalheim is 22 years old and wins competitions, scholarships and most of all - the hearts of the audiences. Her musicality and immediate charisma makes her a blazing rising star, says Johannes Nebel, artist manager at Eliasson Artists. She has a great career ahead of her.

During last year's Verbierfestival Amalie Stalheim was elected, as one of 30 young classical musicians from around the world, in the prestigious Verbier Festival Academy. She was then also assigned the Cello Prize of the Year, Firmenich Prize, and is once again invited to this year's edition of Verbierfestivalen.

Amalie Stalheim won first prize in the competition Ljunggrenska in 2015 and recently, her appointment to the Swedish Young Soloist at Musik på Sörmländska Slott och Herresäten was published.

See Amalie Stalheim play Schumann's Cello Concerto (dir. Fredrik Burstedt)

PUBLISHED 2016.07.13

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