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Kristoffer Töyrä

Kristoffer Töyrä

Bass Baritone

Kristoffer Töyrä
Göran Eliasson
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+46 767612403
Kristoffer Töyrä is a young, exceptionally talented bass-baritone from Tornedalen, educated at Folkhögskolan in Framnäs and at the Academy of Music in Piteå. His fantastic voice and natural technique has given him roles such as Colline in La Boheme, Starres in Värden på Barnehög and Wilhelm in Hoffmann's Adventure etc. at the Gothenburg Opera. Kristoffer will appear in a role in the newly written opera Herr Arnes Penningar at Folkoperan in the fall of 2024.


Kristoffer Töyrä bass-baritone sings "La Vendetta" from Le Nozze di Figaro, W. A Mozart.

Kristoffer Töyrä bass-baritone Recorded Dec 2023

Kristoffer Töyrä sings "Madamina, il catalogo é questo", Leporello, Don Giovanni, W.A Mozart

Kristoffer Töyrä bass baritone Recorded Nov 2022

Kristoffer Töyrä sings "Come dal ciel" from Macbeth by G.Verdi

Kristoffer Töyrä sings "Come dal ciel" from Macbeth by G.Verdi Recorded in Sthlm Dec 4 2023.