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Ola Heinpalu participate in "Det går an" at Malmö opera

Sara and Albert meet on a summer day on a boat ride from Stockholm to Lidköping. During the days which follow, their relationship deepens and they fall in love. But is Sara prepared to give up her occupation and freedom to become Albert’s wife?

Det går an/It will do is an opera based on Swedish author Carl Jonas Love Almqvist’s eponymous novel which was published in 1839 and caused a huge scandal. It is not only a sweet story of young love, but also an assault on the institution of marriage and the rigid guild system which prevented women from becoming financially independent.

The opera first premiered at Läckö Slott in 2016 and was warmly received. Now we are staging it in a new production by the director Niklas Hjulström.


Written By
Göran Eliasson
27 september 2021