Tonight at The Royal Opera in Stockholm our Agnes Auer and Clifford Lewis joins the cast for the opening night performance of "The Promise" (Löftet).Photos: Sören Vilks.

New opera WORLD PREMIERES on Holocaust Memorial Day. MUSIC Mats Larsson Gothe LIBRETTO Susanne Marko DIRECTOR Stefan Larsson SET DESIGN Sven Haraldsson COSTUME Nina Sandström LIGHT Torben Lendorph DRAMATURG Katarina Aronsson FILM Andrea Grettve
This story about the invincible power of love is brought to us seventy-six years after the liberation of Auschwitz. “We find ourselves in a time outside time, as the victims of war take their first uncertain steps towards reclaiming their humanity”, says librettist Susanne Marko, who was inspired by her own family history. The work was created for the Royal Swedish Opera in collaboration with the composer Mats Larsson Gothe. It will premiere on January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we pay tribute to the victims and remind ourselves to never allow evil to take hold in society.

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Göran Eliasson
27 januari 2022
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