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Our baritone Ola Heinpalu on tour June 4-23 with Malmö Opera on a truck: The great noise

For the fifth year in a row, we’ll be going on the road. This time it is our talented master's students who offer an outdoor performance written by their mentor, opera singer Rickard Söderberg. During the 17th century, most theatres in Europe were performed by traveling theatre companies on ambulating wagons. This at the same time as society was shaken by what in Sweden is referred to as “the great noise,” a mass hysteria where people denounced their peers as witches to protect themselves from the judgment of the church. The cancel and honour culture of that era.
Now Malmö Opera’s truck is being converted into a 17th century stage wagon and, befitting the baroque period, our singers are ransacking our costume storage in search of the very best attire. When the wagon rolls into town squares around Scania, to the tunes of Vivaldi, Handel and Roman, the audience is invited on a journey through time in a burlesque farce with witches, priests and jesters.

Written By
Göran Eliasson
03 juni 2022