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Our Erik Rosenius in Lost at The Royal Opera in Sthlm.

Andrea Tarrodi is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed contemporary composers. This time, she and librettist Magnus Florin have created a dreamlike scenario that evokes Alice in Wonderland or Studio Ghibli’s anime classic Spirited Away. A string quartet with harp and percussion offer beautiful, playful tones, and as if in a dream we are propelled straight into the action. Director is Ellen Lamm, acting Opera Director and Artistic Director of Young Opera. FOR CHILDREN FROM THE AGE OF 6 YRS.

Klara is lost. She has forgotten her name and cannot find her way home. While searching she encounters some strange creatures: an egg that will not hatch, a wind that wants to be a stone, a tree that wants to be water. In the end, through curiosity and ingenuity, she finds her way back – to something new and to herself.


Written By
Göran Eliasson
22 oktober 2023