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Our great tenor Tobias Westman sings a New Year´s concert at Berwaldhallen.

NEW YEAR'S CONCERT AT BERWALDHALLEN 31 dec 2022 12:00 31 dec 2022 16:00 THE GREAT STRAUSS FAMILY OF MUSICIANS Stockholm Strauss Orchestra invites to Berwaldhallen!

As tradition requires, Stockholm Strauss Orchestra will perform the 2022 New Year’s concerts at the Berwaldhallen Concert Hall.

Once again under the direction of the superb Mika Eichenholz, who playfully swings the baton in well-known works by Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss. There will also be new additions to the repertoire.

These concerts are for the curious, as well as for those who wish to hear the well known waltzes and polkas from the New Year's concert in Vienna. They are presented by opera singer Marianne Eklöf. Together with tenor Tobias Westman, mezzo-soprano Marianne Eklöf also sings popular songs from the world of operetta.

Dancers from Stockholm Dance Academy BASE23 break the law of gravity with unparalleled choreographies created for this year's New Year's concert by Judith Simon.

Stockholm Strauss orchestra's New year's concert is for everyone, the whole family, young and old.

Is it possible for the New Year to be more festive than with music by the Strauss family? With all of the participants in an exuberant good mood and maybe a glass of sparkling wine during the intermission? Treat yourself, and let yourself be seduced by sparkling music, languishing waltzes and fast-paced polkas. As you hum these beautiful melodies, and perhaps slightly tipsy, you dance on into the snow covered, starry New Year's night.

Let us look forward to New Year's bells and the new year, forward to new adventures and new hopes.

Unforgettably exiting!

A warm welcome to celebrate the New Year with Sweden's most festive Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets at Berwaldhallen Box Office and online at

This concert is given with the support of the SWEDISHARTSCOUNCIL


Written By
Göran Eliasson
24 november 2022